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CleanWhale - check out our cleaning services price list

Cleaning apartments, houses and offices by a professional cleaning service is becoming more and more popular. What is more, hiring a cleaning team is not reserved only for wealthy people. Our cleaning services price list is tailored to every budget. CleanWhale, as a professional cleaning service company, always take up every order, regardless of the size of the premises, the degree of soiling or the customer's needs. Hiring a professional team to clean up your own mess that got out of control some time ago is a smart move that will save you a lot of time. The qualified CleanWhale cleaning service will accurately and carefully lead your apartment to a perfectly clean condition. Thanks to CleanWhale, refreshed interiors will allow you to rest comfortably in hygienic conditions. If you are complaining about a constant lack of time and too many responsibilities, consider hiring professionals.

Cleaning services price list - professional cleaning team that you can afford

The cleaning services price list is an essential factor that affects the final decision to hire professionals. The price of a given service is based on several important issues. At CleanWhale’s, we pay attention to the type and specificity of a given service. A basic cleaning package including typical cleaning activities is the cheapest option. Cleaning up after renovation requires more time and attention, therefore the price will differ from the classic cleaning of the apartment. CleanWhale cares about its customers and offers services for every budget. Thanks to that, everyone will find an offer tailored to their needs. When you decide to cooperate with CleanWhale, you can choose between one-time service or establish permanent cooperation, which encourages you with attractive discounts for subsequent cleaning. Cooperation with CleanWhale always pays off. Contact us as soon as you can and make your first order. CleanWhale will surprise you with attractive prices and thorough and precise cleaning.

Cleaning services price list - attractive prices and professional cleaning company

CleanWhale is a professional cleaning company which hires only qualified and committed staff. To meet all the needs of our clients, we have prepared a wide offer of our cleaning services, available for every budget. For a low price, you can enjoy a spotless apartment, a perfectly cleaned kitchen or chemically washed upholstered furniture. Many years of experience, hundreds of implementations and plenty of satisfied clients are the best proof that cooperation with CleanWhale is worthy. Cleaning services price list will surprise you positively. CleanWhale’s team will get rid of mess, dirt and stains, leaving a perfectly cleaned and fresh house. Contact us today, and let us take care of your mess quickly and efficiently. Join to hundreds of satisfied and happy customers and make your first order on our website. Be happy about your clean house with CleanWhale.


Prices for cleaning after repair

High-quality and fast completion of repairs in your apartment
  • Complete final cleaning after construction or repair
  • You return to a clean apartment where you can start living
  • We have fixed prices
  • We will do the cleaning in one day
  • You can pay by card or cash
  • We have professional equipment, necessary equipment and an experienced team
Windows after repair

Windows after repair

50.00 zł

Area, m2

7.00 zł /m2
Window cleaning prices

Window cleaning prices

Window washing - it is glass on both sides, frame, window sill. We have fixed prices, and you immediately know the final price. You can pay for window cleaning with a card or cash.
We clean on the balcony

We clean on the balcony

30.00 zł
Wash the windows

Wash the windows

40.00 zł

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