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+48 732 106 566
Call center working hours: Monday - Saturday, 8:00 to 18:00. After 18:00, you can write to us via messengers
Gift cleaning Gift cleaning
Call center working hours: Monday - Saturday, 8:00 to 18:00. After 18:00, you can write to us via messengers
Call center working hours: Monday - Saturday, 8:00 to 18:00. After 18:00, you can write to us via messengers
Gift cleaning Gift cleaning

Cleaning services in Warsaw

The service includes a kitchen, bathroom, rooms and a corridor/hall

1 room
1 bathroom
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Fast, thorough and professional cleaning
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Nataliia Kazankova
Nataliia Kazankova
Perfect service. Nice personnel and amazing quality of cleaning. I’m very satisfied with my experience with CleanWhale and I absolutely recommend it
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Perfekt, genau was wir brauchen! Perfect, more than we wished for! Will definitely book again
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Marina was very polite and hard-working. Great job overall!
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The guy was awesome with very good service .please keep it up .. Thank you !!
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Service was great. House was cleaned really nicely and with dedication to her work. We would rebook the service in the future again. Thank you.
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Thank you for your review!
Our services
Fixed price
Fixed price
The cleaning cost depends on the number of rooms, and not on the area of the apartment
Card or cash
Card or cash
You choose how you prefer to pay - by credit card or cash
Our services are insured
Our services are insured
Payment only after cleaning
Everything is ready for cleaning
Everything is ready for cleaning
For each order, we have the necessary cleaning products, inventory

How much it costs

Select the frequency of cleaning to see the price with discount
Once a week
Twice a month
Once a month
One-time cleaning

What cleaning consists of

In the room
In the corridor
We wipe dust off all exposed surfaces
We carefully arrange your shoes and fold your things
We make beds and change bedding
We wash window sills, radiators, baseboards, handles, doors, and switches
We vacuum and wash floors
We clean mirrors
We remove and take out the garbage
We remove garbage
We wash floors
We will gently fold and hang your clothes
We will arrange your shoes
We wipe all surfaces, a refrigerator, an extractor hood, kitchen appliances or a microwave
We wash facades and furniture
We wash a stove, sink and countertop
We wipe the tile
We wipe window sills, radiators, baseboards, doors, and switches
We wash floors
We arrange chairs, make an order
We wash the dishes. However, this refers to a small amount in the sink. If there are a lot of dirty dishes, check the box for additional services
We wipe all surfaces
We wash and disinfecting the toilet
We wash the bathroom, faucets or showers. But remember: if your shower or bathtub is very dirty, you need to warn about this
We wash the sink
We clean mirrors
We wash the floor and baseboards, vacuum mats
We can put your things in the laundry
We arrange things neatly
All our services
Additional services
Is it possible to choose one cleaner?

Yes, we assume that the same person will always come to your cleanings. After the first order and a positive assessment, the cleaner will be automatically assigned to the next cleaning. If the quality wasn’t good, we will select another cleaner - but rate and leave feedback in your personal account. You also can simply choose another cleaning or make in random.

Can I try and cancel my subscription at any moment?

We do not sign a long-term contract - only one for each specific order. Therefore, the subscription can be canceled and quickly renewed. The whole mechanism is based on the fact that you do not need to remember when the is next cleaning and confirm it or make a new order. Subscription is not a way to get money in advance, but only a tool for convenient planning.

Do I need to provide my own cleaning supplies?
Our experts have everything they need to clean the entire apartment and wash the windows. We use professional supplies. You only need to open the door.
How do I cancel or pause my subscription?

You can skip one or more cleanings - cancel or reschedule the next order in your account or via a link in an SMS/email. Your discount and choice of cleaner/comments will be saved.

Who are your cleaners?
We have been working since 2016. We have an experienced team and a smoothly running recruitment and training system. We do a thorough background check accompanied by several interviews, test cleanings and exams. All our cleaners have been verified.
No robots and automatic answers - ask a question and get a quick answer from a human

CleanWhale - professional cleaning services

Cooperation with professional cleaning companies is getting popular more and more. People don’t want to waste their time for cleaning, and they decide to entrust their apartment, house or office to a professional cleaning company. This solution has many advantages. Cleaning your own house or apartment is usually done during your spare time. It is hard to keep the place clean as current lifestyle, plenty of duties and daily responsibilities fill people’s time. With CleanWhale you can easily focus on relaxing, spending time with your family or your own pleasures. It is also worth to mention that when we clean the apartment by ourselves, we usually do not focus on small details, and all work is done superficially. You have to remember that every apartment or house requires thorough and proper cleaning from time to time. In order to achieve that, it is worth to trust professional cleaning company. The qualified CleanWhale team will be happy to take care of the comprehensive cleaning of all rooms in your apartment, giving you a comfortable rest in perfectly clean conditions. Check out all the cleaning services and contact us as soon as you can.

Cleaning Warszawa - check the full CleanWhale’s offer

At CleanWhale’s, customers are the most important for us, and we always put their needs first. That is why we offer a full range of cleaning services tailored to the expectations of all interested customers. CleanWhale staff engaged in cleaning houses, flats, office buildings, apartment complexes and many other areas related to cleaning. Our main cleaning services are:

In CleanWhale, we provide the possibility of ordering complementary cleaning options, guaranteeing full order and cleanliness in every corner of your house. Thanks for that, you can be sure that all your house is clean, fresh and ready to be used for your daily tasks. You can easily choose below options and add them to your cart:

General cleaning service - choose CleanWhale

CleanWhale team is always open to special requests from customers and gives the possibility to modify specific services. We are certain that you will find perfect cleaning package for your own house and will be satisfied with cleaning services we provide. Over 3000 cooperations with customers per month, and only positive opinions about us constitute the best recommendation for CleanWhale. Our company is a team of trustworthy professionals, always maximally engaged in their work. Choose a convenient date and order your first service with CleanWhale on our website. Fill the form and leave necessary information. Our team will show up on a fixed date and take care of the mess. Start to cooperate with us.

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