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Post-renovation cleaning

We will finalize your renovation and provide full-scale cleaning after construction or renovation works. Our idea of this cleaning is that everything will be sparkling clean and you will be able to live in this apartment right away.

We will clean all open surfaces, remove stains from construction mixes or plaster and clean the tiles from grout. If there is furniture in the apartment, it will be cleaned inside and out.

We will wash both sides of windows, remove small construction debris and get rid of all the construction dust. The dust, the grout and windows are the three most difficult moments in post-construction cleaning. We have the necessary equipment and supplies to ensure your home is absolutely clean.

We have experienced cleaners, and we can assign enough people to your home to make sure the cleaning is complete within one day. You can also book dry cleaning of furniture or carpeting.

We will name the price right away, and it will not change even if it takes us more time than expected. You pay for the cleaning after it has been done. You can do it with cash or a credit card.