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Window cleaning

Window cleaning includes glass on both sides, the frame and the windowsill. We have a flat rate, and you will be notified of the price right away. You can pay for the window cleaning with cash or a credit card.

We have a convenient booking system; it will take you just half a minute to make a booking. Just specify the number of windows and your contact information. Our cleaners have everything they need to wash windows and other glass.

We use specialized supplies, microfiber wipes and telescopic attachments for hard-to-reach parts of the window. We will wash even the windows that don't open.

We count windows based on the number of sections. Two sections not reaching the floor are calculated as one window, one section reaching the floor — also as one window. Take a look here to find out more about window calculation.

If you find it challenging to calculate the right number of windows, no problem. Our cleaners will do it on site and name the price right away. We have a flat rate per window, which is always available on our website.

Window washing can be commissioned separately or as part of apartment cleaning. Apart from regular window cleaning, we provide window washing services post-renovation.