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Gift cleaning Gift cleaning

Corporate promo codes

We have corporate partners who have their promo codes. If you are an employee of the company that works with us, please ask our managers about the terms of promo code use. We work with companies that give home cleaning as a bonus to their staff. Please ask about the possible number of such cleanings and the list of available extra services.

Other frequently asked questions

How it works? Loyalty program
After you sign up to our website, you are automatically registered as a participant of our loyalty program. Detailed description of levels and discounts is available in your profile.
How it works? Referral program
If you have registered on our website, you have a personal referral code that you can share with your friends. If they make a booking on our website, both of you are going to get bonus points that you can use in our loyalty program.
How it works? Regular cleaning
If you book cleanings regularly, you get a guaranteed discount: one cleaning per week—a 15% discount, two cleanings per month—a 10% discount, one cleaning per month—a 5% discount. We can agree on a different schedule and calculate an individual discount for you.
How it works? Promo codes
Use the promo code START for your first order for a 15% discount. We also have seasonal promos with various promo codes. Enter the promo code in the respective field when you make a booking on the website or tell it to our call center agent. The number of promo codes is always limited; we can also ask you to change the date of your cleaning a little.
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