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How do you count bathrooms?

If the room with the toilet is separate from the one with the bathtub or shower, they are still counted as one bathroom. A shower cubicle is not calculated separately and is cleaned at no extra charge. If you have two baths or two toilets, that counts as two bathrooms.

Other frequently asked questions

How it works? Window blinds
We don't wash window blinds as part of the standard cleaning or window cleaning. Window blinds can be washed at an extra fee with our standard hourly rate.
How it works? Custom servicesCustom services
We can discuss any home cleaning jobs with you individually. To do it, please contact the manager. You can do it on social media or on messengers. We have an hour flat rate.
How it works? Is there anything you don't do?
  • We don't move items and furniture
  • We don't clean curtains
  • We don't wash chandeliers and ceiling lamps
  • We don't wash the lobby or the hallway in the building
  • We don't wash ceilings
  • We don't disinfect apartments
How it works? Ceilings and chandeliers
As a rule, we don't wash ceilings and chandeliers, since our cleaners cannot bring a ladder to every appointment. In certain cases, we can wash hard-to-reach places if you provide your own ladder. Please be aware that an extra fee will be charged.
How it works? Cleaning supplies
We use professional cleaning supplies Cleamen made in the Czech Republic. They are hypoallergenic and safe for kids and pets. Every cleaner has three to five multi-functional detergents for various spots and surfaces.
How it works? How do I contact my cleaner?
You can send us a message on social media or call us, and we will give you the number of the cleaner assigned to your booking.
How it works? Can I choose the cleaner for my appointment?
You can request a specific cleaner when you make a booking online or through our call center. In that case, the cleaning can sometimes be postponed by a day or two. This is a rare situation, though, and we make every effort to meet your request.
How it works? How do you count balcony windows?
Same way as any other windows. We calculate window sections. If you have 8 windows sections that don't go all the way down, they are considered 4 windows, 4 window sections that go all the way down are also 4 windows. Just like with regular windows, 2 sections that don't go all the way down are calculated as one window, and one section reaching the floor is also considered one window.
How it works? How do you count rooms?
If you have changed the layout of your apartment to make two rooms out of one, you can still indicate it as a single-room apartment. A living room-kitchen combination is calculated as one room plus one kitchen.
How it works? How do you calculate windows?
We have a dedicated page where we illustrate how we calculate windows. A window is two sections that don't go down all the way to the floor or one section of a French window. We calculate windows with two frames as two windows. We calculate a balcony door as one window.
How it works? Tiling and tile joints
We clean the tiling as part of any standard cleaning. We will clean the tiles in the kitchen and in the bathroom. If you need to clean the tile joints, warn us beforehand, and we will bring a steam cleaner. It is an extra option with an extra charge.
How it works? Do you make deep clean?
We mostly avoid this word. Any cleaning that we do is thorough. What you may consider deep cleaning would be standard cleaning plus several extra services. If you need to have an apartment cleaned that has not been cleaned or lived in for several years, or where something happened, please contact us to discuss that service. Most likely, it will be an hourly rate of UAH 200 per hour.
How it works? Powerful vacuum cleaner
We have vacuum cleaners that are more powerful, but they are only delivered by cleaners who drive their own cars. If you need this vacuum cleaner for your home, please warn us beforehand (tell the call center agent or leave a note when you make a booking online).
How it works? Kitchen cleaning
We offer cleaning of the entire kitchen, including the appliances and the furniture, inside and out. We will wash your fridge, your microwave, your oven and exhaust hood, we will remove everything from kitchen cabinets and wash them inside and out. We will wash the floors, windowsills, furniture, baseboards and doors; we will take out the trash and tidy up. You can make an appointment for kitchen cleaning only without booking a cleaning in the entire apartment.
How it works? Do you clean windows?
We wash the windows from both sides, including the frame and windowsills. A window is two sections that don't go down all the way to the floor or one section of a French window. A balcony door is calculated as one window. Windows with two frames are calculated as two windows.
How it works? When should I book a cleaning?

You can make a booking even for the same day, and our cleaners will be there three hours after the booking. You can also make a booking in advance. If you make an appointment a month from now, no worries: we will be there in time.

You can choose the option "no specific time" (we will warn you about the arrival of our cleaner beforehand) or "I will specify the time a day before the cleaning" (we will contact you and decide at what time the cleaning will start).

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